Rosewood Uilleann Bagpipe Practice set

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Uilleann Bagpipe Practice Set.
Chanter: D Note Uilleann Chanter made of fine wood.
Bellows: New improved design with leather padding and straps on both sides.
Lacquer finish. Natural color.
Mounts: Wood Mounts and Chrome Plated Brass Mounts.
Wood Chanter, Stocks and Bellows. Wood Mounts of Chanter on both ends.
Improved leather bag with NO maintenance needed.
Dual padded bellows with reinforced leather and brass fittings.
Cowhide Leather Bag, sealed and oiled. Black Velvet bag cover with White Fringe.
Accessories included:
Soft carry case.
2 Chanter Reeds.
2 Practice Reeds.
2 Fingering Charts.

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