Rosewood Uilleann Bagpipe Half set

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Rosewood Uilleann Bagpipe Half Set.
Size: Uilleann Half set. 
Chanter: D Note Uilleann Chanter made of Fine Rosewood.
Drones: Bass, Tenor and Baritone drones, comes with their respective reeds.
Bellows: New improved design with leather padding and straps on both sides.
Finish: Smooth Lacquer.  Color: Natural color.
Mounts: Rosewood mounts and chrome plated Brass mounts.
Wood: Rose Wood Chanter, Stocks and Bellows.
Rosewood Mounts of Chanter on both ends.
Improved leather bag with NO maintenance needed.
Dual padded bellows with reinforced leather and brass fittings.
Bag: Cowhide Leather Bag, sealed and oiled.
Bag Cover: Black Velvet with White Fringe.

Accessories included.
Soft carry bag, 2 Chanter Reeds, 2 Practice Reeds, 2 Drone reed sets. 

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